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The site may be down for up to 1 hour but mining will only be down for 5-15 minutes, no need to move your miners away or anything.

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Can the children of a nursing home resident distribute his assets as a.A locally-owned glass company that prides itself on customer service and providing quality products finds that servicing the mining industry is both necessary and.This was causing issues for many users so we redid the system and we so far it appears much better.Mining pool comparison. STX - Blocks are not always 50 LTC.

Bad Settings show Check your browser settings to be sure that the site or IP address is not denied or disabled.Invalids are normal as any work your miner is doing when the block changes is then invalidated and your miner starts on the new work for the new block.Possibly the icefilms.info web server is down, overloaded, unreachable (network problem), or a website or server maintenance is in progress right now.If you enable Google Authenticator (One time passwords) on your account from the Account Details page your payout address becomes locked and can not be changed by anyone without your 2nd factor (The Google Authenticator).We are working hard to meet all the requests we get, please be patient we are trying to get around to them all if we can.

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WHAT WE DO: Our online websitedown.info tool is one of the many services created to tell you when a website is experiencing trouble.If you have questions at all stop in our irc chat using the button on the top menu bar.In other exciting news the forum will be coming online today.

We have made some changes to VARDIFF and now the pool will start you at 32 and move you up or down based on your mining power.We also have a seperate ddos protected link to the site incase the main protected link goes down, you can use (bookmark or note this down).Any way we can point it to mine at a different server address.Lastly, to help allievate payout fees we are increasing the minimum auto payout threshold to 5LTC.We decided to shut it down and go back to the old way of having you run the proxy on your pc.Quote from: WeTradeCoins on April 07, 2013, 01:46:35 AM Only 20 Confirms - Most Pools wait 120 confirms.

Invalids were not being properly recorded on the site before the major upgrade and it was fixed as part of the new code base.Check now if this host is not found for everyone or just you.

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Lastly, CPU Miners will now find much better results on our pool but if you are using a proxy you will want to connect to the eu.wemineltc.com server for the time being.

Operating System show If an other device can connect to the host on the same network, this could indicate an operating system error or misconfiguration.In short, if you are interrupted by an error message like server not found or connection timed out while you are browsing, the first thing you should check if it is just you or everyone else is noticing a service issue for that particular domain name.If we encounter an error during this process or do not get a response within 5 seconds from the remote server, we consider the site to be down right now.We apologize for the issues we had over the weekend and thank you for sticking it out with us.But they were turned down by the. mid-50s is the ideal time to buy long-term care insurance.

Post your question in this thread, we will monitor the thread for support questions.

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A look at various mining methods and types of mining claims in the United.All About BTC, LTC,. 3508 down to 2674 (-23.76%), so the LTC mining profitability is. pool and about 1.09 LTC when we exchanged the.A video (duh) on how to mine Litecoin using Guiminer-scrypt alpha and coinotron.com as your mining pool.If any specific exchange is down or no data is displayed,. on the same hardware used to mine bitcoins.If we find that users are just all turning off donations and not supporting us in large numbers then we will implement a 2% fee.

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Payout fees are becoming a huge problem for us as we are a no fee pool and we are paying a.1ltc fee on 50% of our payouts, we do up to 50 payouts every 10 blocks, it doesnt take long to realize that we are in the red due to payouts and the fact that we are only getting.5% in donations.FULL DDoS Protection - With the current attacks going on this week, we decided we would delay our launch until we were fully DDoS protected Geolocation Servers - EU and US.

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Find out how many Litecoins you can earn with our Litecoin mining calculator.We are happy to announce that VARDIFF has been fixed and is now live on both servers.