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The Certified Coin Exchange is the electronic exchange for US Certified Rare Coins.Grandson of Germanicus, step-, and adopted son of Claudius.I currently do not an Imperial Roman coin of Nero, however do have a provincial one.Coin of Faustina, Sr., wife of Antonius Pius and mother of Faustina, Jr.

Free Coin Guide: Coin Search: Antiques: Jewelry: Silver Eagles: Silver.This is a place to discuss coins from around the world and throughout history, tracks the intrinsic, or base metal, value of circulating coins.Died 340 AD, Died in battle against Constans Obverse: CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust left.Elagabalus Imperial Roman Coin page Reigned 8 June 218 - 11 March 222.Reverse: CAESARVM NOSTRORVM VOT V, CAESARVM NOSTRORVM around VOT V.

CDN Exchange is the industry standard in dealer to dealer exchange of buy, bid and sell of collectible rare coins and currency.IMP NERVA CAES AVG REST S C ( Numiswiki to IMP NERVA CAESAR AVG REST) Rest means that it was a Restoration issue.Died 16 March 37 AD, Probably old age, possibly assassinated.Died June 276 AD, Natural causes Obverse: IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG, Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.Died 7 August 117 AD, Natural causes Obverse: IMP CAES NERVA TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TR P COS V PP, Laureate head right.Reverse: GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers, each holding spear and shield on ground, single flanking standard.

VIRTVTI AVGVSTI S C Virtus standing right, holding parazonium and scepter (spear), left foot on helmet.Imperial Roman Coins, specializing in the coins of Elagabalus.Daughter of Julia Maesa, Coin can be found on my Wives, Sons, Brothers and Mothers site.Gamma in right field ( Officina 3) IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG NN (Numiswiki) Jupiter the Protector.

After his deification by Tiberius with consent of the Senate Caligula, Reigned 18 March 37 - 24 January 41.Hadrian, Reigned 11 August 117 - 10 July 138, Adopted Son and Heir of Trajan.

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Reverse: GLORIA ROMANORVM, Gratian standing right, holding labarum inscribed with Chi-rho and holding captive by hair.The antoninianus was first issued by Caracalla, Reigned 198 - 8 April 217 and originally contained 52% silver.Directory of rare coin sites and numismatic news portal, updated daily.Reverse: PART MAX P M TR P VIIII, Trophy with captives on both sides.

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We have auctioned more rare coins than any other numismatic auction firm.Reverse: GLORIA ROMANORVM, Three emperors standing side by side holding spears, outermost ones rest hands on shields, the middle one holds an orb.Low grade coins can be just as competitive as collecting high-end coins.

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Died August 253 AD, Assassinated by their own troops, in favor of Aemilianus Obverse: IMP C C VIB TREB GALLVS AVG, Radiate crown,draped and cuirassed bust right.Provincial coins ( 2 )( 3 ) of his that can be found on my provincial coin page.

Provincial coin of his that can be found on my provincial coin page.Coin Collecting Part 1 - Answers to questions: What is numismatics.

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CONC COM P M TR P XVI COS VI (Numiswiki) Based on other of his coins, CONC should be Concordia and COM should be Commodus, especially as it is a coin of Commodus with the reverse of Concordia Provincial coin of his that can be found on my provincial coin page.Died 1 May 408 AD, Natural causes Obverse: D N ARCADIVS P F AVG, Diademed and draped bust right.

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Died 13 October 54 AD, Probably poisoned by his wife Agrippina the Younger, in favor of her son Nero.Reverse: RESTITVT ORBIS, Female standing right, presenting wreath to Aurelian standing L, holding scepter.Sister of Julia Maesa, who was grandmother to both Elagabalus and Severus Alexander.